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With more than one million subscriptions and counting, Cengage Unlimited is truly making an impact on campus.


In July, we announced a partnership with Warren County Community College in Washington Township, New Jersey. Beginning in January 2019, Warren County Community College students received access to Cengage Unlimited at the start of class. WCCC President Dr. Will Austin said, “Everyone knows the cost of books has become prohibitive to achieving a college degree. By going to this format, this program cuts the cost down dramatically. Additionally, students who like physical books will still have that access as well, under our customized negotiated agreement with Cengage.” New Jersey State Senator Michael Doherty also described Cengage Unlimited as a “win-win for everybody” when referring to the partnership.


Additionally, earlier this month, we announced a partnership with Union County College in Cranford, New Jersey, to deliver Cengage Unlimited college-wide in Fall 2019. Dr. Bernard Polnariev, Dean of Curriculum, Accreditation and American Honors at Union County College described Cengage Unlimited as a “game-changer for our students” and that faculty also benefit from students being more prepared, because they will have all of their materials for the start of class.


Institutions may choose to partner with Cengage to provide Cengage Unlimited subscriptions to all students, or specific cohorts of their students such as business schools or incoming freshman. Students in these cohorts are able to bypass the purchase of materials as they are provided access to their materials via a Cengage Unlimited subscription assigned to them by their administration.


To hear from college leaders, faculty and students on the institution-wide impact of Cengage Unlimited, watch the video below.