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Chunking: Just When You Thought There Was Nothing New in Print

Community Manager
Community Manager

I think this is cool, but maybe I'm a nerd.  Here's the idea: you know how your full telephone number is 10 numbers long but it's broken into "chunks" like 845-555-7845? And you know that chunking is done to make it easier to communicate and remember the number.


What if we did this to a textbook? Or the text on a website? 


In other words, what if the spacing between words was adjusted slightly so that the space between words which often appear together (in text or in speech) is reduced so these words are physically closer to each other - and words that often don't appear together are spaced out a bit?


I think this is a pretty cool idea. You can read more about it here. A bunch of neuroscientists are working on this and they're thinking that "chunked text" could improve literacy. Of course, there's something "new" in education every day....but I like this idea.  You?


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